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Rent a trailer anytime you want with KABI

How to rent a KABI trailer?

trailer rental app
Download the KABI app from
Google Play or the App Store and sign up.

google play kabi lietotneapple store kabi lietotne

trailer rental appChoose a suitable KABI trailer on the app's map. Reserve the selected trailer and go pick it up. The reservation will be valid for 15 minutes.

trailer rental appOpen the lock using Bluetooth and start using the trailer.

trailer rental appAt the end of the rental session, park the trailer in the same place (by the same lock). Make sure that the trailer is in the same condition as at the beginning of the rental - clean and without any debris.

Types of KABI trailers

You can easily transport items of various sizes from point A to point B with KABI trailers.
Rent the trailers for as little as one hour or up to 30 days, depending on your needs.


KABI open - utility trailer

Planning a major renovation? Need to dispose of garden waste? Getting ready to move to a new home? Whatever the purpose, you can always use KABI open - our trailers with low sides.

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KABI closed - trailer with a plastic lid

Looking for a way to get items to a new home? Need to deliver just bought furniture to your home? Trying to move a motorcycle or garden equipment? Whatever the purpose, you can always use KABI with a roof – our trailers with a plastic lid.

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Why choose KABI trailers?

 trailer rental


  • Forget about long lines and service staff;
  • Get the service immediately or at any time convenient for you 24/7;
  • Sign up for the service within a few minutes.

 trailer rental


  • Find the nearest rental point in the KABI application;
  • Book a trailer without leaving your home;
  • Pay for the service automatically by adding your payment card details to the KABI application (NO security deposit required).

 trailer rental


  • Pay for the actual time of using the service;
  • Save time, without standing in line;
  • Choose the service at the nearest rental point to you.


The starting rental fee is 5.00 EUR for the first hour and 3.00 EUR for each subsequent hour. When the amount reaches 18.00 EUR, the maximum rental fee per day is obtained and the hourly calculation stops, applying a fixed daily rate of 18.00 EUR. After a full day (24 hours) has passed, the hourly rate calculation starts again until the daily rate threshold of 18.00 EUR is reached again. When making a trailer reservation, the first 15 minutes are free of charge.

First hour 
5.00 EUR

Every subsequent hour
3.00 EUR

The maximum amount per day 
18.00 EUR

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