Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of trailer rental?

The starting rental fee is 5.00 EUR for the first hour and 3.00 EUR for each subsequent hour. When the amount reaches 18.00 EUR, the maximum rental fee per day is obtained and the hourly calculation stops, applying a fixed daily rate of 18.00 EUR. After a full day (24 hours) has passed, the hourly rate of 3.00 EUR calculation starts again until the daily rate threshold of 18.00 EUR is reached again. When making a trailer reservation, the first 15 minutes are free of charge.

What do you need to know before starting to use KABI rental services?

To rent a trailer, a smartphone with Bluetooth enabled is required. The payment card that will be added to the KABI app must be activated for online payments.

How to unlock the KABI lock?

  1. To unlock the lock, you need to use Bluetooth connection. Activate it on your smartphone!
  2. Lift the transparent lock cover. "Wake up" the key by pressing the round button on the lock.
  3. A blue light will turn on in the button, indicating that the smartphone and lock are connected. Press the "unlock" button on the smartphone screen.
  4. The lock will open and the lever will lower.

What category of driver's license is required for towing KABI trailers?

With category B driver's license you can tow any type of KABI trailer.

Do I have to return the trailer to the same rental location?

Yes, the trailer must be returned to the same rental location and parked at the same dock.

Can I rent a trailer if it is dirty or damaged?

If dirt and damages do not affect the operation of the trailer, it can be used. However, before starting to use the trailer, please use the KABI app to record all damages that you have noticed.

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of trailer damage, make sure the trailer is securely parked and immediately report the incident to the KABI customer service center by calling +371 20393905.

What to do if unable to unlock/lock the lock?

If you are unable to unlock or lock the lock, immediately inform the KABI customer service center by calling +371 20393905. When returning the trailer, do not leave it unlocked.

For how many days can I rent a trailer?

The maximum rental period for a KABI trailer is 30 consecutive days.

Can I travel abroad with a KABI trailer?

You are not allowed to take a KABI trailer outside of Latvia.

Why I can't see a trailer on the application?

If trailers are not visible in some of the rental points, it means that they are currently in use.

How can I receive an invoice for the trailer rent?

You can find the invoices for trailer rental in the "Account > History" section. It is possible to download and forward the invoices from there.