KABI trailer rental - a partner for the expansion and growth of your company 

By partnering with KABI, you can create an additional service for your business, thereby increasing sales volume or hand over your trailer rental service to KABI for management.

Partner benefits

New customers

A KABI trailer rental point will attract new customers to your company's service or sales location.

Expansion of services

KABI's trailer rental point will expand your range of commercial services. A satisfied customer = a loyal customer.

Seperation of responsibilities

Trust us and transfer 100% responsibility for your trailer rental. We will ensure the entire rental process - from the trailer to customer service.

Additional income 

Earn additional income of 25-30% of the monthly turnover from trailer rentals.

Be the first 

Be among the first to offer KABI service in Latvia.

Saving resources

By handing your rental service to KABI, your company's employees won't have to be involved in providing rental services and can dedicate their time to their main tasks and serving customers.


We will ensure the simplicity and accessibility of the trailer rental process for everyone. The KABI customer support center will operate 7 days a week.

Highest quality standards 

We provide continuous technical maintenance for the trailers. They are always ready for use and in a condition that will satisfy the customer.

User benefits


Users can rent a trailer at any convenient time for them, 24/7, with just a few clicks in the KABI app.


The user can reserve a trailer without leaving home, pick it up and drop it off without any staff assistance, and make payment automatically right in the KABI app.


By using KABI trailers, users pay for the actual time they use the service.


KABI trailer rental is available throughout the territory of Latvia - in 7 cities from Gulbene in Vidzeme to Ventspils in Kurzeme.

Types of KABI trailers

You can easily transport items of various sizes from point A to point B with KABI trailers.
Rent the trailers for as little as one hour or up to 30 days, depending on your needs.


KABI open - utility trailer

Planning a major renovation? Need to dispose of garden waste? Getting ready to move to a new home? Whatever the purpose, you can always use KABI open - our trailers with low sides.

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KABI closed - trailer with a plastic lid

Looking for a way to get items to a new home? Need to deliver just bought furniture to your home? Trying to move a motorcycle or garden equipment? Whatever the purpose, you can always use KABI with a roof – our trailers with a plastic lid.

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